🎮 Game Boy Zero Build: Installing the Cartridge Slot
Nov 12, 2016
1 minute read

My initial build will still have the micro SD card slotted in the Pi Zero itself. A later iteration of the build will feature the SD card inside a Game Boy cartridge itself. The hidden SD card’s connectors will be exposed through the cartridge’s connectors and connected to the Raspberry Pi SD reader’s solder pads using the cartridge reader.

I ordered an original Game Boy Color cartridge slot through AliExpress.

Cartridge slot (black) and it's 3D printed mounting brackets (white)

This is the photo of the shipped cartridge reader accompanied by 3D printed brackets (Thanks for printing them, other-Kevin!). These two brackets will wrap around the cartridge slot to perform two functions:

  • Elevate the cartridge slot sufficiently so it can comfortably receive the Game Boy cartridge
  • Provide enough surface area so the cartridge slot can be glued to the enclosure.

After cutting off the fins on both sides the slot reader was small enough for the brackets to accept it.

Snugly installed

An actual Game Boy cartridge is currently slotted in-place to align the reader in the case before glueing it down. As you can notice, I’ve loosened the metal shielding a bit because the cartridge slot was too narrow to accept the cartridge.